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And how many eggs did James Bond eat?

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Starting with sad news: Bond fan Wolfgang Thürauf passed away earlier this week. I've known Wolfgang since 2006, he was always there at every Bond event and he has been President and Vice-President of the German James Bond Fan Club for decades. RIP

In this newsletter: more about James Bond’s egg preferences, interesting 007-related auctions on Invaluable, 30% Off the Barbour jacket, a Cypher Game update and an interview with Bond collector Vincent van Raffen.

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How many eggs did James Bond eat?

In this brand new article on Bond Lifestyle, you can find an overview of all the eggs eaten by James Bond in the Ian Fleming novels.


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Rare James Bond lots on Invaluable

There are currently a few interesting James Bond lots on Invaluable including a James Bond Edition of a Walther P99.

In Memoriam

I was very sad to learn about the unexpected passing of Bond fan Wolfgang Thürauf. I've known him since 2006, he was always there at every Bond event and he has been President and Vice-President of the German James Bond Fan Club for decades.


Cypher 1.3

Cypher 007, the action-adventure game on Apple Arcade has released a new update for all players. This latest update introduces players to brand new chapters, characters, and achievements, and adds new outfits inspired by Casino Royale, No Time To Die, and Goldfinger. The release transports you to the iconic villains lair, the Atlantis, where you’ll face new character Karl Stromberg and play through five newly-added levels, inspired by the film The Spy Who Loved Me.


For this newsletter, we’re speaking to my fellow Dutchman and Bond collector Vincent Van Raffen, you can find his impressive collection on www.thejamesbondcollection.com. Vincent has been collecting since 1987. His wife is a Bond fan too and luckily, she also enjoys the Bond collection and watching Bond movies. Vincent’s favorite Bond movies are On Her Majesty's Secret Service, The Living Daylights and Casino Royale (2006).

Q. Which three Bond clothes or accessories do you wear the most?
A. The John Varvatos blue jacket from SPECTRE, the Billy Reid jacket from Skyfall and the Massimo Alba trousers from No Time To Die.

Q. If you could keep only 1 item of your Bond collection, what would it be?
A. I think my Goldfinger quad poster (see picture above) signed in person by Goldfinger Bond girls Tania Mallett, Shirley Eaton, Honor Blackman, Margaret Nolan and Nadja Regin. It is not only a very nice item, I also like to think back on the memory of meeting these lovely ladies because of this poster.

Q. What is your most popular post/video?
A. On my website I mainly post photos of Bond items from my own collection, I do not have a particular popular post.

Q. Which Bond location do you still want to visit?
A. The Ocean Club at the Bahamas, including Bond's ocean-view villa.

Q. If you could meet any Bond actor (even if they’re no longer with us), who would that be and why?
A. Roger Moore. I would love to hear all his background Bond stories from the Bond sets. Besides this, I think he was a great and very friendly person, a real gentleman.

Q. Which Bond-related song do you want to add to the Bond Lifestyle Playlist on Spotify / YouTube?
A. Diamonds are Forever. A great song, sung by the even greater Bond legend Shirley Bassey.

Q. Rolex or Omega?
A. Omega. I like many of the Omega watches. I have been collecting Omega Bond promo items since Goldeneye, the first Bond movie with Bond wearing an Omega watch.

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