New Globe-Trotter 007 Collection

The very first Walther P99 on auction

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Globe-Trotter today released a brand new 007 collection of stylish grey suitcases with blue lining, and 007-inspired luggage tags.

Our friend Caleb (CommandoBond) takes a close look at the Walther P99 and the very first production model D1001 in particular. This gun will be auctioned later this month.

Also check out these never-before-seen photos from the set of Goldfinger.

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Remmert van Braam


Globe-Trotter 007 Collection 2024

Globe-Trotter celebrates James Bond’s classic style with a new 007 luggage collection which includes a Check-in case, Carry-on case and Small Attaché Case, plus a series of 007-inspired charms.


The very first Walther P99

The very first commercially produced Walther P99 will be offered on auction at Collector’s Elite Auctions. In this article, Caleb Daniels (CommandoBond) takes a look at the history of the Walther P99 and the auction lot in particular.


20% OFF at Sunspel

Bond Lifestyle is proud to present an exclusive Sunspel offer: 20% OFF selected styles including the Riviera Polo, t-shirts and a new Riviera Camp Collar Shirt!

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Riviera Polo Shirt (Grey Melange)
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Riviera Polo Shirt (Khaki)
Riviera Henley (White)


Unseen Goldfinger set photos

Ewbank’s will sell never-seen-before photos of filming onset for the 1964 film Goldfinger in their dedicated James Bond auction on June 7, 2024.

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