Pierce Brosnan's Cravat in GoldenEye

Curry & Paxton Sean updated


Tootal Green Cravat

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond wears a green day cravat by British neckwear maker Tootal in the 1995 Bond film GoldenEye.
With thanks to Sean Warren (read his Q&A below) for the ID


Moke 60 Years of Bond For Sale

A 2023 Moke America 60 Years of Bond Edition is for sale at Cars & Bids with no reserve.


Curry & Paxton update Sean glasses

The Curry & Paxton Sean glasses, inspired by James Bond's shades in Thunderball, have just received an update.


Daniel Craig 1oz Silver Proof Coin

Perth Mint has released the latest coin in their James Bond Legacy Series, featuring Daniel Craig.


For this newsletter, we’re speaking to Sean Warren, aka The Red Kind on the AJB007 Forum and @theredkind007 on Instagram. As a life-long Bond fan, Sean tries to experience the James Bond lifestyle at every opportunity - "there's no point in living if you can't feel alive". He was able to find a screen-accurate version of the cravat worn by Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye as mentioned earlier in this newsletter

Q. Which three Bond clothes or accessories do you wear the most?
A. I'm into my watches, so I wear my Omega Planet Ocean (from QoS) and Omega Aqua Terra (Nomi's from NTTD) mostly. Regarding clothing, it's probably the Barbour Beacon as it's just such a versatile jacket and copes perfectly with the typical perpetual Spring/Autumn climate we seem to have now in the UK.

Q. If you could keep only 1 item of your Bond collection, what would it be?
A. Tough one! I have a number of items that mean so much to me. First and foremost, the Moonraker Special Annual that my parents bought me in 1979 (my very first piece of Bond memorabilia!) Its monetary value is only a few pounds but its sentimental value is priceless.

Q. What is your most popular post/video?
A. I'm probably not as prolific on social media as I should be! My Bond-themed advent calendar went down well on ajb007 a couple of years ago.

Q. Which Bond location do you still want to visit?
A. I've been very fortunate to visit a lot of the locations, its something I get a big thrill out of, and try and hunt them out whenever I have the opportunity. Two places top of the list still to visit are Jamaica (Goldeneye would be nice..!) and Cala di Volpe, Sardinia. TSWLM is probably my favourite Bond film and I love Sardinia, so hopefully one day.

Q. If you could meet any Bond actor (even if they’re no longer with us), who would that be and why?
A. Has to be Sir Roger. He was the Bond I grew up with and my hero as a child. Even today, I try and conduct myself in the manner he became known for. He was a true gent and is sorely missed.

Q. Which Bond-related song do you want to add to the Bond Lifestyle Playlist on Spotify / YouTube?
A. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - “The Girl With X-ray Eyes”. Great song. Very Bondian and the lyrics fit Daniel Craig's Bond films very well.

Q. Rolex or Omega?
A. Omega. I have a soft spot for the Rolex Explorer and Submariner obviously, but I feel Rolex the brand are positioning themselves in a place I can't or don't necessarily want to get to anymore.

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