Rachel Grant's dress in Die Another Day

And how to make Scrambled Eggs 'James Bond'

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I hope you had a nice Easter break with lots of eggs. Speaking of eggs, did you see the latest Instagram Reel in which I make the original Fleming recipe of Scrambled Eggs ‘James Bond’? I’ll post a more detailed article about eggs in Bond books soon.

Thanks to a mention in From Tailors With Love’s newsletter recently, I discovered more about the dress worn by Rachel Grant in Die Another Day. And there’s a similar dress for sale right now, read more below.

Also for sale: a rare pair of Converse Jack Purcell sneakers.

And good news for Poster collectors: Prop Store once again offers some rare Bond posters in their upcoming auction.

Finally, a new Bond Fan Event in Switzerland and a Q&A with The Bond Armory.


Remmert van Braam


Making Scrambled Eggs ‘James Bond’

Check out my latest Instagram Reel in which I make Ian Fleming’s original recipe Scrambled Eggs ‘James Bond’ as mentioned in the short story 007 In New York.


Shanghai Tang Dress

Rachel Grant as Peaceful Fountains of Desire in the film Die Another Day (2002) wears a Shanghai Tang silk dress.

According to actress Rachel Grant in a recent Facebook post, this pink and purple silk dress from the 2002 collection was originally purchased in London by costume designer Lindy Hemming in March 2002 for around £1000 ($1400 USD at the time).

Grant was able to find a similar dress for herself in 2024 at a local thrift shop.

A similar Shanghai Tang Pink and Purple Long Qipao or 'Cheongsam' Dress can currently (April 2024) be found on Poshmark for $599.


Rare Converse Jack Purcells for sale

Speaking of Poshmark: on the website a rare but used pair of Converse Jack Purcell OTR Ankle Boots size 6 is offered for $200. This is the same model as seen in the Madagascar Chase Scene in the movie Casino Royale.


Operation Grand Slam

Join James Bond Club Switzerland and friends for Operation Grand Slam, a two-day event which includes an exclusive tour of the Pilatus aircraft factory! The film location known from the movie Goldfinger is not open to the public. Meet & greet with our star guests, autographs and a photo shoot at the film location, a fine three-course menu and live music. Guests include Oscar-winning sound editor Norman Wanstall and actress Caron Gardner (Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus), Nicholas Shakespeare (official Ian Fleming biographer), Steven Saltzman (son of 007 producer Harry Saltzman).

Operation Grand Slam takes place on Friday June 14 and Saturday June 15, 2024. Registration deadline: April 14, 2024.

On their website, click “EN” on the top right for the English translation


Prop Store Poster Auction

The Prop Store Collectible Posters Live Auction in Los Angeles on 18-19 April 2024 features several vintage James Bond posters, including a From Russia With Love poster with an estimate of £6,000 - £12,000.


For this newsletter, we’re speaking to Raymond Krompold aka thebondarmory on Instagram and YouTube. Raymond is a father, career firefighter and expert on the weapons of James Bond.

Q. Which three Bond clothes or accessories do you wear the most?
A. Vega IB333 holster, it fits both the PPK and Sig 365 (my two go-to carry pistols), Gerber 06 Auto knife, and my Moleskin 007 Edition backpack.

Q. If you could keep only 1 item of your Bond collection, what would it be?
A. My screen-accurate Billy Reid Peacoat, it’s timeless.

Q. What is your most popular post/video?
A. It’s one of my earliest videos but it resonated with the community: James Bond's Walther P99 Review & Live Fire!

Q. Which Bond location do you still want to visit?
A. GoldenEye, Jamaica.

Q. If you could meet any Bond actor (even if they’re no longer with us), who would that be and why?
A. The OG, Sir Thomas Sean Connery, he was my favorite Bond, a man’s man. No agenda, pure toxic masculinity 😂.

Q. Which Bond-related song do you want to add to the Bond Lifestyle Playlist on Spotify / YouTube?
A. I’m a little bit biased, but I NEED a Michael Bublé Bond title track, so Michael Bublé’s Cry Me a River.

Q. Rolex or Omega?
A. Omega, specifically the Planet Ocean (Chef’s kiss) 😘

Do you live the Bond lifestyle and want to be featured in an upcoming Q&A? Send me a message by replying to this newsletter.

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